Rules of Play

Indigo Play is the first European-style indoor playground in Texas. Parents or guardians who bring children to the center remain responsible for them, just
as if these parents or guardians were at an outdoor, public playground. Indigo Play and its employees strive to ensure the complete safety of all our guests.

Parents or guardians are required to follow these general rules:

  • It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to supervise and accompany children in Indigo Play. Please ensure you have 1 supervisory adult for every
    3 children 5 years old and under (1:3 ratio), and 1 adult for every 6 children over 6 years old (1:6 ratio). The same ratios are applied for parties.
  • The parents or guardians must:
    • Remain within the building at all times.
    • Supervise their children at all times.
    • Observe their children to ensure that they are capable of using the play activities safely.
    • Explain the Rules of Play to their children and monitor their behavior.

Additional Rules of Play

  • Indigo Play reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without any further explanation, to refuse entry to any person or family.
  • Respect others and allow them to enjoy Indigo Play.
  • Do not bring unwell children to Indigo Play. Children who begin feeling unwell are to be kept away from the play areas and other children. Indigo Play will ask families with children that are ill to leave – a free entry voucher will be issued for a future visit.
  • Socks are required to be worn at Indigo Play. No shoes or bare feet allowed past reception.
  • Remove jewelry, badges or pins, and any other sharp objects.
  • No liability will be accepted for loss, damage, or theft of items wherever they might be left in Indigo Play.
  • Indigo Play does not discriminate in anyway and does not allow any discrimination by guests or staff at Indigo Play.  All guests will be treated equally, fairly, and with respect.
  • Indigo Play has a 3-strike policy: on strikes one and two the child will be asked to return to the family and the responsible parent or guardian will be told that redirection is required. On strike three, the family will be required to leave. No refund will be due.
  • This is the Indigo Play list of “Nos”:
    • No face paint.
    • No climbing on the safety nets.
    • No smoking, vaping, or equivalent systems.
    • No firearms or knives of any sort.
    • No chewing gum, bubble gum, or other gum-like candy.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the play areas.
    • No glassware is allowed in the play areas.
    • No pets.
  • Indigo Play is a family entertainment center. Inappropriate behavior will not be accepted. Indigo Play reserves the right to ask families to leave without further explanation and at the sole discretion of Indigo Play. No refund will be due.
  • Any threats to Indigo Play staff will not be accepted. Indigo Play will prosecute any person who mistreats a member of staff to the fullest possible extent. That person and family will be prohibited from returning to Indigo Play.
  • We welcome service animals when accompanied by their owners. Indigo Play will help owners with service animals to enjoy all of the play activities. For the safety and comfort of all guests and the service animal, this may mean that we have to change the way in which some play activities are used for short periods. Service animals should wear protective covers over their feet when in the play areas.