Indigo is About Learning Through Play!

Gross-Motor Skills

Children of all ages get to use their large muscles as they move around, whether on two feet or by crawling, climbing, or sliding in the play frames. This is called gross-motor play.

Fine-Motor Skills

Fine-motor skills are practiced, for example, when placing blocks carefully to build a tall tower or tracing routes on puzzles with fingers.

Physical Development

Gross- and fine-motor play are important for physical development, both for muscles and bones. The brain gets to be exercised by movement play too. For example, when controlling the body while balancing.

Indigo Play is a place for children to gain confidence through self-directed play.

Brain Development


Young minds benefit from the many types of play children will experience at Indigo: social play, storytelling or narrative play, sensory and spatial discovery, exploration and puzzle solving, imaginative and role play.

Play at Indigo is incredibly fun and promotes development of a child’s mind and body.

Our World of Play system will take your child on a journey around the world. Enter the departure gate and explore your way from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Barrier Reef!

About our Family

We are a husband and wife team with two young children. Tucker is an Austin native and Navy veteran who worked at the Pentagon as well as with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Anna grew up in a village in Normandy, France and traveled around the world with her family before becoming a development aid worker in Latin America. 
We relocated to Austin in 2018 from the Washington DC area to be close to family and launch Indigo Play. We hope this unique concept will delight both children and their parents while bringing Austin families together to build community through play.